Comments Avatar vs Profile Pic

My app’s URL:

The comments avatar doesn’t match the user profile picture in my app. Is there a way to do a Lookup so that the comment avatar matches the profile pic? Currently the comments avatar is pulling from the users email/gmail avatar.

Is this what you mean? It looks like the comments will show the image, but the button to add a comment isn’t. I don’t have an image on my google account. I’ve also heard that prior to profiles, the image would pull from Gravatar if somebody had an image set up there.


I’m talking about the image after the comment is made. So the T-shirt in your example would be different from my user profile. It must be pulling from Gravatar. No biggie… Thanks!

Are you using the built in profiles feature in Glide? The shirt image is not part of my google account and I don’t have a gravatar set up. I added it in the user profile section of my app so it’s only linked with my app. This is just a guess, but it’s probably using Gravatar if you haven’t set up your app to use user profiles.


Right… I think the email gravatar overrides the user profile pic. Can I create a relation to override the email gravatar?

Interesting. So you are using glides built in profile feature? The comments avatar is handled internally by Glide, so I can’t think of anything you can do yourself.