Can you set the profile image?

Hey when you select the menu


Can the user set the profile image here?


If so, how?

If not why is it here?

If you can then need to indicate to user how it is done.

Taking examples of other app designs there is usually text over a blank icon saying ‘set profile image’ once the profile image is set the text is display’none’

It looks like it comes from gravatar.

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Thanks so how does that work with glide?

It is just a place to connect an image with an email address.

Once you log into glide, it retrieves the image.

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Thanks, not really what I was expecting. Never mind. I would prefer it if no icon appeared if image has not been set. Perhaps I will add to wish list. Thanks for replying:)

It seems to add it if you log in with a Gmail address and have a Google account profile pic (I don’t have a gravatar account but I assume it works the same).

What would be ideal is a component called “Profile Image” that would allow the exclusive use for this purpose.

Or… in the image field have a condition that sets the image as the signed in user’s profile picture.

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