Images from Drive not appearing

My app’s URL:

This has worked for me before but for some reason is being buggy here. I have a Google Sheet with people’s info (populated by completing a Google form), and each entry includes an image. I’ve made sure the settings for all of the images are set to “Anyone with the link can view” (again, I’ve done this a number of times before). However, within the app, the thumbnail only appears for one of the entries in list view, and when you go to the detailed view, the photos only appear for 2 of the 3 entries (and only in the mobile, not in the authoring environment on my computer).

Has anyone had this issue…where only some of the images are appearing, even though they are all setup the same way and have the same sharing settings?

Are you certain that the URL is in this format?
Where, the 3 dots are the unique identifier of the file you are attempting to show?

I usually copy the link direct fro m the Drive app. Been working fine for me so far.

I see all of them. Would you mind posting screenshots of what you’re seeing?