Image responding to visibility oppositely

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Hi! My app has a tab where recruiters can input info including a school image. I’ve also created a single value image (default image) so that if the school image not uploaded, the default image will show. The problem is that when the school image is present on the tab (not empty), the visibility condition is responding as if it is empty and vice versa. In other words. Show component when school image is “not empty” won’t show the image even if school image has an image in the field. Anyone know what’s going on? TIA!

Glide is a little bit confusing here.

Since this is a form (does this need to be a form? it doesn’t allow any input) there are actually two different rows involved: the row from the screen that opened the form, and the row that the form will submit. The image that’s displayed comes from the opening screen’s row, but the condition operates on the row to be submitted, which is empty since you’re not submitting anything.

One way to solve this would be to add an If-Then-Else column which would be somewhat like this:

If “Program image” is not empty then “Program image”
else “School image default”

That column will always produce the right image, and you won’t need visibility conditions anymore.


It worked! I understand! It’s because I am on a form. It would be great if Glide allowed buttons to link to blank pages. Thank you!