Image Picker - Upload doesn't work

Hi there. I am using an image picker in an input form. Data table has an image column. Image picker writes to that column.

Using the picker in the form in the app builder (app is not published yet) I get the warning saying roughly: “Upload was not possible. Try again later”

I tried to upload an image through the table it self, does not work either.

I work in a mac in Chrome browser, tried with png and jpg.

Don’t really have a clue what the reason could be.

Do you guys have any idea?

Have you tried it with another browser?

Hey @Hannes_1234.

Can you share screenshots or, even better, a loom video?

different browser worked. strange though, that safari worked but chrome not. but thanks for you help. :+1:

Weird, I would try clearing the cache in Chrome to see if it helps.

@Hannes_1234 Hey! Let’s have one of our talented support team take a look for you. Please raise a ticket here.