Image does not show when using Lookup as source

My app’s URL:

Hey Guys,

I have a form where I want to display an image.
I have a relation to the tab I want to take the image from and I created a lookup to get the image from this other tab.
In Data, all shows well, I can see the link.
However, when, in my form Image component, I use the lookup field as source for the image, nothing shows but it works if I put the image link directly in custom.
Attaching the data screenshot and simulator screenshot for your reference with lookup and direct link

If someone can shed some light that would be great



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Does it work if you upload the image to Glide instead of using a Drive link?

Hey Man, thanks for answering so fast

No it is the same, I can see the thumbnail in Data, but still nothing in Demo.

PS: I did not even know we could upload images from Data :sweat_smile:

i have the same problem, image doesn’t show on form. work well on 2020 I don’t change my app and didn’t work now

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Have you tried uploading your image to Glide?


when i but my image data on a link item i have the url of my image but if i put my data on a image item nothing show

Can you give a sample link so we can test if we can see the image or not?

here it his :

select “Grafana, késako?” then “voir la reponse” and normaly there his an image before the text

i add a link item with the same data i put on the image and the link work (it’s at the end of the page)

I also have the same problem. And an old app with images in the form, which all were visible a few weeks ago is now not showing any images at all (in the form)

So it’s this link right?


for information i ask the support about it

It works well for me here inside a form, using that same link in an image component.

Hey @ThinhDinh
But you are adding the link manually right? It breaks when the link is a lookup, setting image source as custom link works fine

Can confirm it does not show anything for me inside the form if I point the image component to any columns, whether it be an image column or a lookup of an image.


Me too, this is a big issue to me.