I'm struggling with creating groups

I have an app that needs to be set up the following way.

Users have a Church
Users have Prayers
Users have Journals
Churches have Groups
Groups have Series
Series have Small Group Questions

I HAVE NO CLUE where to even start connecting all of these things! Would love some guidance, if someone is willing to help. Thanks so much!

When “X has a Y,” there should be a column in X’s table for Y, then create a relation column from X to Y. For example, replace X with Member and Y with Church.

When “Y has Xs” or “Y has many Xs,” again there should be a column in X’s table for Y, but you instead create a multiple relation column from Y to X. For example, Y is Church and X is Group.

Have you watched the videos on relations yet? The long video on creating a Conference app would also be very good to watch for this.

Makes PERFECT sense David. Now here’s my question.

Is there a way for the Member or (X) to add themselves to a Group or (Y)? By a formula or button that on press adds them as a member?

Use a form button, in the form panel, a choice component containing all available groups. When the user then submit the form, a new row will be added in a sheet with at least 2 columns : group, participant. Each row of the sheet will be used to determine who is part of each group.

Then you can play with formulas to know if a given member is member of a given group, or determine to which groups a member subscribes. And you will be able to display what you want user per user data.

Won’t this only allow for one person per group? Hmm or maybe this might work haha! I could use Multiple relations at this point right?

Using a form, it will add one line per chosen group per user.

And then yep, use multiple relations to display the list of all users belonging to one group. Or all groups to which subscribed a user.

Check out the Multiple-Level Select demo in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ . Maybe that will give you some ideas