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I am working on an application that automatically progresses and regresses clients based on how difficult an exercise is. To do this I have made exercise “groups” which contain numerous levels corresponding with different exercises. For example a “Bicep Strength” group may have 5 different exercises at 3 sets/reps amount each for a total of 15 levels.

My question is: how can I, as an admin, create a user and select which groups I want that user to be able to see, and then select which level it starts with in each particular group? I am able to get the user info and group info to add via a form but cannot figure out how to choose a particular level once I have selected the groups. It feels like a need a form, inside of a form to first add the groups to a row and then create a relation with those groups so I can choose the level.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any feedback / tips would be great.

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Here is a screenshot of my form I’m using if this helps at all:

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So say you have 15 levels, you can choose for me to start at level 1, level 7 or level 10, something like that?

If you choose level 10 for me, should I be able to view level 1 to 9?

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Sounds like you need what we call a “custom form” which is just text entry components on a details screen that write to user specific columns. Once those columns are filled in you can do computations on them in Glide data editor (relations lookups etc) which you could then use as values when you go to “submit the form” (button with an add row action).

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As Bob said, you probably need a Custom Form.
If that’s a new concept for you, you can check the following:


Ya so for example I might have a “Chest Group” with the following levels in my Exercise Directory

  • Lvl 1 | Push up | 3x10
  • Lvl 2 | Push up | 3x15
  • Lvl 3 | Bench Press | 3x10
  • Lvl 4 | Bench Press | 3x20
  • Lvl 5 | Flys | 3x 15

Since everyone will be at different starting strengths I need to be able to choose, at the very least, which exercise the person will start with. There will be numerous groups as well. Originally I was trying to do two forms back to back where I could select the groups in the first form, which would put it into the user profile row, and then have the other form to select which level a person will start with for each group. Unable to get it to show just the groups that the admin assigned the user.

I could just create a key for each group that appears and then have the admin type in whichever level they want but some groups have 30+ levels so this isn’t the most user friendly.

As the admin how can I get the users information to carry over? Do I need to change something in my user profile?

Thank you for sharing. This is the first I’ve heard of custom forms so I will copy the app and learn how to create the custom form.

When doing an “Add row” action, you can select fields from the user profile table.

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