User Levels and Choice components

Hey all!

Hoping for a bit of assistance. I have a fitness app and am trying to utilize user levels to determine exercise choices. Here is an overview:

I have a users tab. Each user has a level.

I have a tab for exercises. Each exercise has a category and a level.

I have a tab for workouts. Each workout has a category. I have a relationship setup that pulls multiple exercises from the exercises tab based on category. When a user does a workout, I have a choice component that allows them to choose which exercise they would like to perform.

I’d like to have this choice component filter out exercises based on level. For example, If a user is level 1, then only show level 1 exercises from that category.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!


  • Users sheet has a level column.

  • Exercises sheet has category and level columns.

  • Workouts sheet has categories, you then have a relationship that pulls the exercises to this sheet.

When a user does a workout, they go to the workouts sheet and currently have a choice column, is that correct?

Would this work? Just a wild idea, I think someone can chime in with a better method.

From the relations that you have in the workouts sheet, let’s say you have 5 levels. Make 5 choice components that would be filtered based on the exercise’s level and set visibility to only show when User’s Level is 1, 2, 3, etc.


Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Yes, when a user goes to the workout sheet, they have a choice column.

I have actually considered the setup you are talking about. But how would I make a relationship based on category and level?

I think you need something like this demo APP:


I have added the 2nd comment, I don’t think it’s good when you have too many levels, that would be too many choice components to set up but I think it would work for your case. Sorry it’s pretty late here so maybe I can chime in with a better workaround tomorrow if no one else has come up with it.

That suggestion did the trick. I greatly appreciate you taking the time!

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I imagine your workout tab is a list of categories and you select one to view it’s details? If so, I think you could create a single choice component to select an exercise. First you would create a template column in the workouts sheet that joins the category and the level from the user profile. In the Exercise sheet, you would create a template that joins the category and level in that exercise sheet. Then you can create a relation in the workouts sheet that joins the 2 template columns. The relation would be used to populate the choice component.

This should scale nicely if you ever add additional levels and you only need one choice component.