Displaying Selected Category Locations on MAP Using Choice Component: Need Assistance

Hello everyone, I need to figure out how to use the ‘choice’ component to display the locations of a selected category (hotel, hostel, cabin, taxi, etc.) on a ‘MAP’ component. Any guidance or examples on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Use the choice component to write the hotel, hostel, cabin, taxi, etc to a user-specific column.
  • Create a relation from the user-specific column to the relevant columns in the locations table.
  • Use that relation for the map component.

You can also allow them to choose multiple categories, split into an array using the split text column, then use the array to create the relation.


User specific columns do not require a user to be signed in to work.


How could I set it up so that there’s initially a choice allowing the selection of a category, followed by another choice that allows selecting subcategories, which would then display the locations.

You should be able to set a filter on the second choice component based on the Screen Value of the first choice component.

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Sorry, I’m stuck here. I’m trying to do what you’re telling me with FILTER DATA in the second choice, and it’s not working. Should I create a new relationship or some condition on the sheet? Or do I do the filtering only with FILTER DATA in the second choice?

The filter should be enough, but we would need to see some screenshots to determine what the problem is.

I’m sharing a screenshot of the sheet containing the company data with you.

On the same sheet, I save the selected subcategory in the first choice component to a cell and establish the relationship between the selected subcategory and the subcategories on the same sheet. Then, on the map, I use this relationship, and everything looks good and works fine.

Here you can see that it works.

Now, if you look, I added a choice to select the CATEGORIES and configured the visibility of the second choice so that it appears when a category is selected in the first choice. It works, but when choosing a category, it shows all the subcategories since it doesn’t have any filter.

And on the sheet, I save in a column (Column is user-specific) the chosen CATEGORY from the first choice on the same sheet. And it has the relationship between the selected category in the first choice with the categories on the sheet we are working on.

But what I want now is to have a first choice component that selects the CATEGORIES, then a second choice component appears to choose the subcategories that correspond to their category, and finally display the locations.

ps: Is the information complete now, or is something missing? Thank you for your time and help above all.

Can you show the Filter configuration for the second choice component?

Try flipping your filter around. It should be checking if the Category is the Selected Category. You have it backwards, so it only finds the 1 row that had the selected category filled.

I tried changing the order as you mentioned, but it still doesn’t work.

Are you using the Screen Value in your filter? Seems that you are comparing column to column in each row instead of comparing the column each row to screen value of the selected first choice.

Is ‘Screen Value’ a reference to this?

Or to this one?

If you, who knows, can’t help me, I’ll give up on this. I’ve been unable to solve it for several days.

This is what I mean. In the filter you have to use the Screen Value. The value of the first choice component is on the Screen, so you want to filter your second choice component by the value of the first choice component…which is on the screen.



Jeff, besides everything now working as I wanted, it’s helping me learn. I appreciate your time and, above all, the patience you’ve had with me. Thank you very much.

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