If second user changes data does mine change too?


I created my first app, but I might be doing something wrong. When I give the app out, all the data is sync’d like one google sheet, meaning if a 2nd user changes something then my settings change…live…even if I am using it. So if 100 users try and log on, they will fight of the data entry?

Is there a solution? make a local copy, avoid data sync? Or should this be a feature request?


If they are all editing the same row, then yes the change will show up to all users. It’s a single database that all instances of the app use. It’s not a local copy for each user. It’s shared. If you need to keep data unique for each user, you either need to use user specific columns, or set up your data in a way that each user gets their own row and you then filter the data by the signed in user email.

Take a look at the Glide library for helpful information and tutorials.

thanks, I have just read the last 200 forum questions and I see the answer appears to be user specific columns. I also found this useful thread: Multi User Calculator

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