If Email is App Owner Condition

Would love a condition for if Email is App Owner. For those of us building templates, it would be helpful to include text, hints, tabs, etc. that are targeted only to the App owner and not to anyone else. Kind of a niche functionality, but helpful if you’re looking to be an admin to the app as well.


I found a way around this by setting up a column in my sheet and adding my own email to that list.

Column Name: App Owner
Syntax: arrayformula(if(Len(a2:a)=0,“insert your email here”))
Then for each component or tab that requires this kind of access, the visibility only shows when the App Owner column is listed.

That way if a row is added or removed, the app owner always stays the same and can edit it at will.

I confess that I’m telling you, the genius behind a lot of the things that go on around here, but perhaps my example might help others.



Not a bad workaround…I was looking for something automated though. Often I’ll get messages from people who download my templates that they can’t see something or access something and it’s because they haven’t yet officially signed into the app despite the fact that they’re the app owner.