I want to show Menu Page on Mobile Navbar but not on Web Navbar

Hi there, I want to show Menu Pages on mobile navbar (as it is accessed through a toggle button, the idea is to add the there the “footer” of the site), but when I change view to Site view, all the Menu’s appear and make the navbar quite “ugly”… How can I show certain menu pages only mobile?

So you mean you only want to have some tabs/components only visible on mobile? It might be possible, but can you give us some screenshots of your current setup?

Is it possible to give a demo / link / on how to do that?

We are tech savy, we have spent a quite large number of hours playing around glide and I am sure we will manage to do so –

I mean can you explain more on screenshots or a video of what you want to do? Do you have a visual example of the desired outcome?

Hi, its very simple, I have a Menu Page navbar that I want to show only on Mobile and not on web.
By default all Tabs are shown as “Navbar menus” in both app and deskop view, instead, and if you click “Hide this item in navbar” it hides it from both mobile and web.

We want to be able to have Either 2 Option that says “Hide from Mobile Navbar” & “Hide from Desktop” instead of 1, or to find a way to patch this.

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 11.16.23

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You can probably use the Detect Device integration and change the visibility settings based on the device type.

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Could it be that you can place some of the tabs into the Menu bar instead.
This will hide it in the Menu Tab when viewing in mobile.

But all the tabs will be shown while viewing on web.

Hey Trustin, we want the exact opposite, we want to hide on web and show on mobile (as the sidebar toggle menu of the mobile view is quite large and fits quite the pages).

This would be a very useful feature and we dont want to patch our website with so much CSS code, as these should be “basics” that would be beneficial for the whole community I feel.

We have enterprise level and just got onboarded with Glideapps, (happy to confirm our account in private) and we are (were) between bubble and glide but we love glide’s flowwork - although there are some very “noob” limitations that frankly speaking are quite “lol”

based on his suggestion. But I have not get it to work. Create the column in the User tab but in this case it will requires user to sign in.

honestly, this is a very basic feature that would be nice to see support for (navbar for mobile and navbar for web)

Feature request @ThinhDinh @david @Robert_Petitto

Please add this basic feature, instead of “Hide menu from Navbar” seperate into 2 actions / filters:

  1. “Hide menu from Web Navbar”
  2. “Hide menu from Mobile Navbar”

At the moment if Menu is not hidden, it looks nice on the phone but the web navbar gets filled too much, and on the contraversy, if there are not many menus on the web the mobile toggle menu button is empty and looks broken.


Please don’t tag me in posts like these. I am not a Glide Developer/Engineer. I can’t do anything about it. Thank you.


For feature requests like this, please create a new post and make its category “Feature Request”. As Robert said above, me and him are not Glide Devs/Engineers and just a fellow user like you, so we can’t make direct changes.


Thanks Robert, greatly appreciate your videos and so sorry to have disturbed you on this!

All the best!

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Noted with thanks!

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