Menu and Nav Bar Visibility Don't Work Independently

Why do pages or screens placed in the Menu panel that have the “Hide from nav bar” option checked under Options > Navigation but their visibility inside the Menu turned “on” still not show up in the hamburger menu? Shouldn’t these options work independently of one another?

Use Case: We are building out a decision-tree app where we have 20 individual custom screens that are navigated by the user based on their response to each question so we don’t want these screens or pages displayed in the top nav bar. However, we do want to display a hamburger menu to allow them to restart the decision tree process and provide additional resources to help them answer the questions in the app as they move through screens.

Hide from nav bar will override everything else. I wouldn’t discuss on whether that is a bug or not, but I have some screens that I indeed don’t show anywhere, say a “payment success” screen that I use to redirect users to when they complete a payment in PayHere.

The “nav bar” term here, I believe, is global. It is not restricted to what you call “top nav bar” or “hamburger menu”.

The “hamburger menu” exists only on mobiles, anyway.


I appreciate the input on this, thanks!

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