How to make a screen (tab) appear on both Menu and Navigation?

A screen can appear on either Menu or Navigation. How do I make it appear on both? Currently I have to duplicate the screen and if I need to edit the layout I have to duplicate again.

I’m aware there’s this option in Navigation call Hide in Navigation. How does it work? I couldn’t find much info in Glides Docs.

I think this is the only option for you.

Tabs are designed to be on their own so we can’t sync components on the tab level between the Menu and Navigation.

If you turn this on, it will be hidden from your Menu and Navigation. It’s for when you need a tab design but don’t want it to show up on your menu/navigation list. Users can only navigate to that tab through an action you design.

Personally, I don’t think I have seen many apps where my clients want the ability to have the same tab on both Menu & Navigation.


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