Adding items to tabs and menus simultaneously

Hey Gliders,

Does anyone know of a way to get items to show up in the Menu and Navigation at the same time on mobile? For example, let’s say I have Page A, and I want to have it be shown both in the tabs on the bottom and in the hamburger menu.

The only way I found that I can do this is by duplicating that item and putting it under both the Menu and Navigation sections. This solves it for mobile, but for the Desktop version, it shows double on the Desktop menu, because for me on Desktop it’s taking the items from both the Menu and the Navigation sections. So in my example, Page A would be shown twice on the Desktop menu.

Has anyone solved this yet? It seems like such a simple problem, that I must be overlooking something.

It’s not as straightforward as it may sound. You might want to add a “Device Info” column to your user profiles table, use something like screen width, and show/hide your duplicated tabs based on that.

Something like “Screen Width <= 600” > show the duplicated version (600 is an arbitrary number, representing the width of a mobile device).