Menu items appear in Navigation instead

I have created a Navigation bar that appears across the top of my app screens, as well as a separate Menu for administrators that is a drop-down from their user icon and only appears when an administrator is logged in.

Screenshot above shows the setup of one of the Mods items, as well as Navigation and Menu.

The items in Menu correctly do not appear when a user views the app and is not logged in.

However, when I am logged in as an administrator, the items in Menu appear in the Navigation bar instead.

Items that begin with Mods should be in the drop-down from the user icon, not in the Navigation bar.

Unless I’m missing something, I believe that Navigation & Menu bar doesn’t have any effect on desktop. They would just show everything on that bar.

That effect you described should only be visible on the mobile version.

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Oh! That’s good to know. Is that spelled out in the documentation somewhere? I don’t remember seeing that items placed in the Menu section would only be moved to the menu on tablet and mobile.

I have just checked and haven’t been able to find it in the docs.

Great - so this is a bug, because the expected behavior is that anything I put in Menu would be presented only in the Menu no matter the viewport size.

I understand where you’re coming from, but there has never been a concept of a “menu” in the desktop view for the new Glide Apps.

It would be great if that could be made clear in the Layout UI, as well as in the documentation.

@Darren_Murphy should we make this clear in the Docs? Thank you.