Feature Request - Hamburger Menu on Mobile

Would love to put forward a feature request to have a Hamburger Menu on Mobile view for Glide Pages as the current flow is somewhat unresponsive and hard to use when you have a large number of pages.


Do you have a visualization on how that would look like?

Simply put I would like to replace the current menu which shows like this on mobile

With the one that shows in mobile version in the glide apps editor


It seems the functionality is there but only works on small screens and the iPhone 11 screen size is given the top menu

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I have the same issue on my Google Pixel 6. Most cell phones these days have pretty wide screens. I have 6-7 items in my menu. This displays fine on desktop (Iā€™m using a menu on the left side of the screen), but on mobile, only the first 2 or 3 menu options appear. I suspect that many users will not know that they can swipe the mobile menu to the left to see additional menu items.

Defaulting to the hamburger menu on mobile would be preferable in my opinion. Better yet, it would be great to have the option to toggle the mobile hamburger menu on and off.