Remove hamburger side menu from phone app

Hi! How do I remove the side menu (which does nothing) from my phone app? Is that possible?

Thank you

Preformatted textHide Hamburger menu icon thingamajig!
<pre><span><style> [data-test="nav-button-menu"]{display: none}

Try this in a Rich Text component on the page(s) where you want it hidden. It may still work but Glide has clamped down a bit on CSS recently. Shoutout to @Uzo for this one :muscle:


Is it on the new Glide Apps or Classic Apps? If it’s on the new Glide Apps, there might still be a way for it to work, but you must be on Business/Enterprise to use CSS.

It might be visible because of the “Install App” thing, but I think a better option is allow us developers to choose whether to show or hide that “Install App” option, and then if there are nothing to show, hide the hamburger menu.

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