I need some help on a data relation

Hi Glide Community,

I’m using my Glide app for my sales agents. They will fill in a form after each visit and the data ends up in my sheet. I created my app over a year ago and it works really great.

We grew from 10 to about 100 agents and now I would like to add a component to make our admin a bit more structured, unfortunately I can’t seem to get it right.

Here is the thing, every sales agent has a regional code, so let’s say I have to divide the 100 agents in 5 regions.
For example:
John REG1
Lisa REG2
Martin REG1
Eric REG3
Jeff REG4
Joe REG 2
Dylan REG5

The data that the agents fill in the forms after each visit is shown in a separate tab. My question is ho how can I add this regional code to the data tabs? I feel like it super obvious but I’m stuck.

I have several tabs

  1. Users (agents)
  2. Client 1
  3. Client 2
  4. App logins

In 1) Users I have a column with the name of the agent, email, startdate and REG code.

I want to have the regional code in the 2) Client 1 and 3) Client 2 tabs.

Does anybody of you know how to fix this? It seems like I have to make a data relation but so far I couldn’t get it right.

Thanks for your help. Cheers, Nick

I assume you mean how to bring the regional code to Client 1 and Client 2 tables?

You should write the Agent’s ID (or any unique piece of info) to those tables, then make a relation back to the Users table, finally retrieve the Code through a lookup.

Thanks for your help. Yes indeed, bring the regional from sales agent in the data set of the client tab.

How can I do the lookup?

As long as you have set up a single relation, you can add a lookup column on top of it.

I’m in the CLIENT 1 data.
I have a unique piece of info (email address) I want to connect to the User table / REG Code.
When I do this in the client tab it does nothing, am I doing it wrong?

So you are saying that you already have the Agent’s email in the Client table? Can you show how you have your relation column configured?

Yes, I have the agents mail in the client sheet. It’s been a year since I created the app so I have no clue how I did it back then.

In the sheet I named the column ‘owner’ and it generates the email address, see screenshot.

What about this?

SO is in this case regional code column

Relations look for matching values. If you are trying to compare an email address to a regional code, then they obviously won’t match because they are completely different things.

You should be linking email address to email address. With a relation, you are trying to establish a connection to related rows, not columns. This is done by checking for a specific value, in a column, that matches between the source and destination tables.

Once you have a connection to a related row, then you can use a Lookup column to retrieve a specific column out of the row in that relation.

Makes sense.

One thing I don’t really get is, I have the email already in the client sheet, also from the users sheet. How did I do that back then? It feels like I need to the same thing but now with the REG/SO data instead of the email.

What do you suggest to do in order to get the SO/REG data in the client sheet?

If you don’t want to use the relation/lookup method to bring the REG/SO into the Client table, then what you probably want use is the User Profile Special Value components in the form that adds the records. On the form, you can add components that aren’t visible on the screen, but can pass certain values through the form to the clients table. I’m assuming that you should be able to add a user profile component to your form that will retrieve the REG/SO for the signed in user and write the record to the clients table.


This is for the case that the agent is filling the form themselves. If the admin is adding it, I suggest using a choice component that shows the agent’s name on the front end, but writing the agent’s email to the destination column instead.


This is it. I knew it was super easy, I was thinking way too complicated. Thanks Jeff for your quick responses.

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