Specific user data


I’m trying to create a field sales app but I’m stuck for a while now.
I think I’ve got the basics covered but can’t seem to get the user specific data straight.


  1. Sales rep has his/her results and provides this through a form on the Glide app.
  2. I want the sales rep to have a personal overview of his/her form entries.
    For now, there’s just a big overview of all the entries. I want only their own entries in the overview.

I think the solution is setting up data relations but I’m not quitte sure how.
How can I relate a data/form entry with user?

Thanks a lot!

Best, Nick

For doing that you can use Row owners : https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/security-and-per-user-data/row-owners

Assuming two tables:

  • Users
  • Sales

Also assuming that the Sales table has a column that matches a column in your Users table (eg. User ID or Email address)

  • Inside your Users table, create a multi-relation column that joins the UserID/Email address to the same column in your Sales table.
  • You can then present each user a list of their own Sales using that multi-relation column