User specific row data without email

Hi glide community, I’m new here and I want to create such an public app with conditions below:

  • this app should be accessed with employee ID and password
  • every employee ID is a PIC of every site/store, I stored this data in another table
  • since one ID is a PIC of only one site, the data showed should only accesible by employee ID from related site.
  • the data showed is the stock of the related site

for example, I have stored that employee ID 000123 is the PIC of store X987 (stored in table USER). then I want to show on my Glide app the inventory of only related store, therefore when user sign in with ID 000123 the data showed only the inventory on store X987 (can’t show data from another store).

thank you for all help. previously I work with Appsheet but I saw Glide as a better opportunity to increase work efficiency.


This is not supported. See here for available authentication options.

This is all quite doable. All you really need is a StoreID column in your Employees table, and then you can use that to create a relation to the Stores table.

hi Darren,
thank you for your answer.
I’ve just read the topic about relation, and nearly done to make the data accessible only to tthe related PIC.
one more question, can we adjust the form in Glide screen, so the user can only edit some row?
for example I want to show the stock name, stock code and quantity. but I want to lock the stock name and stock code column, so the user can only edit the quantity column in form.

Yeah, sure. For those items where you don’t want the user to be able to edit them, just use a Text component instead of an input component.

many thanks Darren!
so far all my questions have answered by you. I’m working on building my expected app and will search for other posts in this community when I’m get stucked with the problem.

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No problem, happy to help.

You’ll find this community a great resource. There are lots of very experienced and knowledgeable folks here only too willing to share and provide guidance.

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