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so I have a table of about 1500 rows and 8 columns. Each row has info of a person including ID number other info. I want the person in the app to input his ID number and get the rest of the info. Is it possible with a FREE plan and No-Sign In? if yes how can I do it.


If you set up an entry component that points to a user specific column, you can allow the user to enter an ID, then in the data table, add a relation that links the user specific user entry to the table that contains the user ID’s. Then you can create a collection on your screen that is sourced from the relation.


It worked, thanks. However, all the ID entries go to the same cell in the column that I allocated for users entry and that creates some kind of an overlapping. Meaning; when Person#1 enter his ID, he does get his information but if at the same time Person#2 opens the app and he enters his own ID, the information that Person#1 is looking at actually change to the information based on the entry of Person#2 . How could this be fixed?
I hope that I explained the issue in a clear way!

This part in my instructions is the most important.

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Okay, I got it. Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your help.

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