Help with Lookup

I have 2 glide tables. One is Work Orders the other Materials.
I have them linked with a relation and everything is set up correctly (i think).
I can pull all the Material elements back into the Work Orders table via lookup and this data shows up properly in the app and editor. The lookup column in the Work Orders table is bringing back a templated column from the Materials table (Quantity and Material).
I want to use the lookup column as the body of an email but this is not an option.
How can i make this data available or make a copy of it in a colum in the Work Order Table so i can get access to it.

Hey @22c304,

If I understand correctly, It seems to me that your relation is a multiple relation, therefore the lookup won’t work properly. I think you should use a joined list instead.

That way you will be able to show all the details in that relation.

Lookup works better with a single relation.

I hope this helps.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get that to work. I will keep trying…