How can I make available a lookup

Hello all
I have a lookup defined that brings back individual materials from a glide table into my work orders glide table via relation. I would like these items to be available to a template column so i could email them.
I am having trouble figuring out how to make that lookup available.

Hola @22c304,

It looks like you are using a multiple relaxation for this. They a single relation.

Now if you need to use all those results, it is better to use a joint list column.

Thanks @Santiago_Perez1
Yes I am bringing them back through a multi relation (as they are details of the work order).
I tried a joined list but was unable to make it work as i only want the details brought back for a specific work order and I was bringing back everything.
I want to use the list as shown in the pic so i can email it.
How would i set up the joined list to only bring back the items for a specific work order?

@22c304, you need to get the joined list from that same relation. Just like you did with the lookup but using a joined list column.

Took me a while, but i was able to figure it out.
Gracias …

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No hay de que. @22c304