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I’ve got a bit of a query regarding how to best structure data in terms of relationships. I’ve already flagged this app in the showcase section, and it’s the one I’m continuing to use to develop my knowledge of Glide as it presents some nice challenges.

My app

As you’ll see, I’ve already got relationships in place. Therefore a player can be linked to a club/region and can then also feature in multiple matches in the 6 Nations. And this is where I come to the head scratching.

If you look at Match > Italy, you’ll see the relationship has picked up all the players flagged as involved in the ‘Match Day 23.’ However, the numbers on the tiles, 1 through to 23, relate only to that particular match. They are in a single column. However, a player could be no. 6 in one game; 7 or 8 in another.

So how could I structure things so that the player / match relationship is in place, but the player number would always be distinct for the particular match in question?

Hope this makes sense. I can clarify if not. I’ve just hit a bit of a wall and would really appreciate some other input on this.


Can you share some screenshots of how the data is laid out? How is your relation from the match to the players set up. I might have some ideas, but I’m not clear on how you have things set up.

Thanks Jeff. I realised it was quite hard to articulate and taking lots of screenshots is a little unwieldy. I think I’ll try to recreate the scenario using a smaller spreadsheet/glide app so at least I can move quicker in making/testing changes. If I find something that works, I can then re-apply to my principle app. Cheers.

Have attempted with a simple model, but I’m still struggling.

Essentially, this is what I’ve got:

Tab with Players in 37 Rows - I’ve then got a series of columns that have various attributes.

Tab with Matches - 5 Rows, one for each match - Italy, Ireland, France, England, Scotland.

I’ve established a relationship between the 2 elements like this:

In the players’ tab, I have 5 columns, Match1, Match2 etc. Glide has then grouped these together. So if a player will appear against Italy, it has the text, “Italy” entered in the Match1 column etc etc.

I’ve then established a relationship between the 2 tabs so that the linkage works as expected >>

An inline list on the player’s page will show all the matches he is listed against and then on the matches page, it will list all players that are to appear in the match.

So far, so simple. We’ve established a multi-relationship from rows in one tab to rows in the other.

Now the bit I’m trying to get my head around is this. When a player appears in a match, there are attributes that could make each appearance distinct from the other. So for example, a player could appear against Italy wearing shirt number 7, but then against Ireland, wear 6.

So what I am trying to establish is, is it possible to keep the same structure as present, i.e., click through to details on the match tab and it will list the players involved, BUT have attributes distinct to that specific match only (i.e. shirt number) appear on the tile?

In the same way that Glide knows which players appeared in which match, I’m trying to pull in more granular attributes for each particular player relating to the match displayed.

If you look at the Italy tab and the players listed in the inline lists, you will see they have numbers on the tiles at present. This is a fudge I’ve done as there is only one match with known properties at present. They’ve been sorted using a column I added and populated with numbers, 1 to 23, for the 23 players involved in the Italy match.

Of course, when I add “Ireland” to the Match2 column, the inline list of players will start to populate on the Ireland match in Glide. However they will still be showing the shirt numbers for Italy; as in that single column.

To conclude, I am trying to establish if it’s possible to use a structure and/or tools within Glide to make sure the contents of the inline player lists for each match return details specific to that match only.

As before, if anyone can help, I’d be most grateful.

That’s a tough one. The only solution I can think of would be to have a separate sheet with the match, player and number. Then use a relation and lookup columns to get the rest of the player data. The match would point to the new sheet, but the players tab could still point to the original players sheet. It’s not ideal, as there would be duplicated data to some point, but would give you what you want. You can still maintain the data in the player sheet and you would only need maintain match, player name, and number in the new sheet. That’s the only solution I can think of. Unfortunately it eats up a lot of rows. If I think of something better, I’ll let you know.

Thanks Jeff. That’s pretty much the same solution I’ve been mulling over in my mind over the past day. It’s no deal breaker really. I was just trying to establish if I was ‘pushing the envelope,’ in terms of functionality, or if there was some obvious solution I had missed.

Thanks again for taking the time.

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