I lost hours of work on layouts!

Hello! I am it love with GlideApps for sure, it’s amazing, but tonight I lost more than 5 hours of work on my business app for no reason! This is ridiculous!

I was working on my app’s layouts and on the next click without anything unusual everything just got as it was 5 hours ago. Really! Like an old school app that crashed without autosave. The database is intact, but the app UI is totally lost. And this happened not only on the screen I was working on, but on the whole app. I can’t even say when exactly this happened, but I am really mad.

Actually this happened to me several times over the past weeks, but the work I lost was no more than 10-15 mins and it was something that I can live with.

How to be sure this won’t happen again, so I can start from scratch?

Any ideas?

I am on Safari 15.2 (17612. if it matters

Did you turn off auto-publishing by any chance?

I checked and confirm that auto-publishing is ON

Can’t think of anything else other than submitting it to the support team. Hope you can get it solved, or at least get a reason why.


Thank you! I’ve already opened a ticket.

I have a strange feeling that the problem may be the new Safari with its new tab grouping feature, but I really need a reasonable explanation from the support, before start experimenting from scratch with another browser without a guarantee that this won’t happen again…

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I see you have opened a bug post related to this issue, the most straightforward way to get the issue to the team’s attention is by submitting through the link I provided above. If you have already done so then you can ignore my first sentence.

I will close this thread, for any further discussions please go to your bug post. Thanks!

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