Lost hours of work on layouts due to bug with autosave

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
I was working on my app’s layouts and on the next click without anything unusual everything just got as it was 5 hours ago. Really! Like an old school app that crashed without autosave. The database is intact, but the app UI is totally lost. And this happened not only on the screen I was working on, but on the whole app. I can’t even say when exactly this happened

Actually this happened to me several times over the past weeks, but the work I lost was no more than 10-15 mins and it was something that I can live with.

I am on Safari 15.2 (17612. if it matters

Expected Behaviour:
The app must work flawless with reliable autosaves!

How to replicate:
I don’t know how to replicate

I can’t demonstrate this bug

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