I can very seldom choose "View as anyone" in my Glide Builder

Hi! (me again).
I noticed I very seldom see the “View as anyone” to simulate anonymous user and test visibility and contextual contents.
So I had to create a user with no Firstname nor Lastname and a hard code email “simulation anonyme”. And test “includes/does not include” as conditions wherever I need it (like Custom Actions).
But, this does never trigger the Sign in page, which I have to simulate by opening the set up options image
(which is not ideal, especially when recording video: need to crop less on the left hand side to show the Sign in screen, hence I cannot fit the video to be mobile full screen :woman_facepalming:).
So is there something to do to see this option “view as anyone” all the time ? Or is it very random?

If you uncheck (click) the currently checked profile/email, it will go into ‘Viewing as anyone’ mode.


Yes, darren!
You make my day :white_heart:

And my next videos will be perfectly cropped.
And my condition code will be much easier too.
Thks :cherry_blossom:

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