I can not share by sharelink

I have a share with link action that stopped working. I want to share this code “OrdenID” from Glide I use the ShareLink action but it tells me that it is not available to share that info. It is a code that I generate from Airtable, previously it was sharing without problem, but days ago it stopped working.
the information is in a rich text

That looks like a message from your browser, which is what handles the share action. What browser are you using? Can you try a different one?

Hi David, no, I have not tried. But from the mobile it doesn’t let me copy it either, I get empty information, this from the mobile. My browser is google chrome.

Does the OrdenID column contain a value in that user’s row in the user table?

Yes, since the OrderID column has information is not empty. In addition, the information is displayed in the mobile app. But when trying to share it, the ShareLink action is not taking the information.

hello? anyone?

The “text” version of your rich text is “User Profiles > OrdenID” but the share link ties to “This row > OrdenID”.

Are you sure that the current row’s “OrdenID” is not empty?

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