I accidentally disabled the visibility of the tabs

I just left a tab that contains a maintenance image in the app with visibility enabled while working on it.
All the others had their visibility disabled.
When finishing the edits I ended up disabling the visibility of the maintenance tab before activating the others and this caused me to lose access to the entire editing area of ​​the app.

I can no longer access anything.

How do I resolve this?

I would first try backing out of the app > refreshing Glide > open app again.

Next you could try opening glide in a private/ incognito tab to see if it works there.

I’m not sure it has to do with your visibility settings. It looks like a glide/ browser issue because key components are missing from your screen.


I did as I said and cleared the browser cookies and then I was able to access the edit panel again.
Thank you very much.

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