HTTP Request In make

Okay, so that’s all good.
That means there must be something wrong with the configuration in Make.

Will keep you posted when i discover what! thanks darren

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After all that! My bad - sorry to have wasted time - simply did not have the word “Bearer” preceding my key!


Haha so I was correct in seeing a seemingly shorter version of what I usually see.

:+1: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
As always - thank you for involvement on this community!

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I have one last requirement that am battling to make work - I want the attachment that comes with the xero invoice to be added as a link in glide (for users to be able to view).
Here is what the Xero get an invoice includes:

Any guidance as to how i might achieve that?

You can push that back to Glide via the API using the set-columns-in-row kind.
You will need the RowID of the affected row, but presumably you already have that from the original webhook?

Do you mean as a separate and additional operation to the HTTP request that is creating the row
in Glide?

It could be in the same request, if it belongs in the row that you’re adding.

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