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Hi All

Struggling to make this work. Using Make / Integromat to watch invoices in Xero to trigger a post action to glide table. As far as I can see i have completed all steps but am still getting Status 401 and no record added to glide.
Here is what my HTTP request result looks like. Appreciate any guidance

401 Unauthorized likely means you have not configured an authorization header for it. Can you confirm this?

Hi Thin
I have configure Authorization Header:

Checeked the bearer id is correct as well

Does the normal CURL command work in a terminal? Are you on Pro+ with a working payment method?

Sorry - I am not sure how to test “Does the normal CURL command work in a terminal?”

I just had an app reach limits during a live event within last 3 days and upgraded to business trial. Having said that I need to update a card expiring shortly as well. Could that be the issue? If so resoluition would be to?

Well, this is a paid feature. If you’re on a trial and/or you think your cards are expired, yeah, that could be involved!

ok - the card expires 31 August and we’re not there yet. I was on paid pro, but like i said upgraded to business when App limits reached message was broadcast. The upgrade came with automatic trial period so would not have thought there was a payment issue involved.

Yeah, error 401 should just mean that the token is wrong, nothing to do with payment.

I don’t see a Content-Type: application/json in your headers…

Hi Darren - thanks for responding
I have the content type specified per below under body type - is that not what you are referring to?


I could be wrong, but I believe it’s also required in the header. (I’ve never actually tested without it, that’s why I’m not 100% sure).

I will give it a try - I have been following @Robert_Petitto videos on Glide API (so useful thanks Robert) and I believe suggestion there was that it was not necessary.
How would I define each value Daren?


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Name: Content-Type
Value: application/json

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sorry - i realised soon as i sent you request that was what you had indicated
I have tried but still getting 401 error and Data: Unauthorised.
Like I said i double checked i copied “secret key” as bearer id under authorizations header.

Do as David suggested and try it from a terminal. That will help narrow down the cause.

Copy the curl example from “Show API usage”, and paste that into a terminal window

Did you add “Bearer” as part of your authorization header? I think that part is a bit shorter than what I usually see, but just my guess.

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Hi Darren
Sorry to ask (true no coder - but learning)
Where will i find “Show API usage”

I think the “redacter” hides the second line - I definitely copied in the bearer code in correctly and have checked multiple times

In the Data Editor.
Right-click on a Table name, and you’ll see “Show API”
Once that opens, select curl and Add Rows

Copy that, paste it into a terminal window, and execute it.
Observe the response that you get back.

Here is the result from terminal - rowID returned

And had a row added to glide table but with column headers instead of data. I need to check the mapping of fields from Xero