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Hello everyone, I need help with glide and make. I would like to retrieve a glide table in make, I have done the webhook and I have managed to link my glide application to my make scenario. The action that follows the trigger is an HTTP(make a request) to retrieve the glide table. I copied the API of the table I want to retrieve and put it in my HTTP make action. When I run the scenario I find this error in the OUTPUT cookie headers Data {“message”: “API key cannot query tables”}. After some research I’ve realised that the problem is linked to the authorisation of the API key. How can I manage this?

Are you on Business/Enterprise? Only API keys for teams on Business/Enterprise can query tables.

I’m in the pro version

Then the query action is not available for API key.

Thanks !

Can you suggest another solution to my problem?

What are you trying to do with the query function?

I would like to select elements in my application, change their status and make them invisible.

And your action must be initiated outside of Glide?

no the action is initiated by a button in glide

If it’s triggered from Glide, why can’t you change the values directly with a Set Column Values action?

Because with set column value I can only change the status of a single element, but I want to change the status of all the elements that are checked.

You can send the list of rowIDs from the rows that need to be changed, and then use a batch HTTP call in a third party service like Make.com to change them.

thanks, i’ll try this

I specify that I am on glide pro

Yeah, you should be able to change rows’ values on Pro.

I try this

I found the solution to the problem that I asked you about. I retrieved all the data that I wanted to modify in Json in a column and then I sent it to make to modify it.
I was inspired by this video Loqode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7_k3_brusQ

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