Glide with make (I don't receive the data)

Hi everyone, I have a technical problem with my integration. I’m using make to receive data from payhere in my glide tables. But I receive nothing. Anyone can help me? Thank you

When you say that you receive nothing, do you mean that you don’t receive a webhook from Payhere, or you do receive a webhook but the data never makes it to you Glide table?

Darren! You don’t imagine how I’m happy when I see that:
Capture d’écran 2023-02-06 à 12.59.04
I think I have the both problems because I don’t see anything in my glide table and there is no green colors around the make module (and in the history I don’t have the datas).

So the scenario doesn’t run at all?

If the scenario isn’t running, I think you first need to double-check the configuration on the Payhere side, and make sure it is calling the correct webhook.

The webhook look’s like correct, it can’t be the schedules?

Does the scenario run or not?

Do you see anything under “Last Runs”?

Where is this menu?

You should see it at the bottom when you open your scenario:

*Note: I haven’t migrated any of my accounts to Make yet, so I’m still using it as Integromat. It might be different with Make, I don’t know.

Yes it’s different. Yesterday it runs but when I was clicking on run once but I didn’t received anything in my tables. Now nothing run

Are you triggering it from the Payhere side?

You mean that:
Capture d’écran 2023-02-06 à 13.31.20

Yes, but I mean have you made a test payment so that the webhook is triggered?

Yes of course I made a test payment

But the webhook never arrives at Make?

If that’s the case, it sounds like it isn’t setup correctly in Payhere.

Yes, What ca, I do ? there is only the webhook link?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

Perhaps try deleting the webhook and create another one?

Ok I will re-see the youtube video part of Robert about that. Are you sure it can’t be the schedules (with the captures I joined) because yesterday the data come to make but I clicked on “Run once” ?

Have you actually turned the scenario on?

What happens now if you click run once?
If the scenario wasn’t turned on, you might find that you have some requests queued up.


I try and I say you

It works (only when I click on “run once”) like yesterday but I don’t receive the data in my glide table. Any idea?