How to use the barcode scanner?

Has anyone actually got the barcode scanner to actually work?

Ive tried everything at this point. Ive tried putting it on form screens, edit screens and its not writing.

Ive also tried using a detail screen to capture the barcode but it seems that it only shows the value as long as you hold the barcode up to the camera.

My Use Case:
I am building a inventory system where inventory comes in boxes. The barcode is on the outside of those boxes where I do relations and lookups to get the Product and the quantity in the box.

That stock is then added to the current inventory when scanned in.

(I want to be able to click on add)

(And just scan the barcode into the add form like it shows on the documentation)

Can someone please assist me with this.

It seems the documentation is out dated and no other treads on the community has answers to this.

I have a scan barcode button, but not in a form, which writes the scanned code into a text column, which I can then run relations on.

Because form data isnt submitted until after hitting the submit button, I dont believe you can run a relation on it prior. Youll need to use a custom form vs native form


Here’s how to create a custom form.

I’ve done it on multiple types of pages and it doesn’t seem very thought out. I found the same solution yesterday after a lot of struggle.

I also write it to one column and then I do add rows to another with that scanned item.

This way of doing it seems really tedious. One way of explaining why I think so is that some times the barcode scanner doesn’t read anything and it inputs a blank row on the “add row table”. To fix this I added a wait for condition on the action to check if the column was actually filled with data. But now if you add multiple scanned codes you would have to add a set column value to remove that value that is already entered in the field to let the wait for condition do a proper check.

I feel like the way the barcode scanner worked on classic apps is far superior to how it is working now.

Maybe I am missing something, but can It really be that hard to use?

And Another problem with the barcode scanner. On my iPhone13 when I open the scanner. The camera jumps around trying to find the barcode instead of letting me move the phone so the barcode is in view.

I feel like this was implemented to make it easier to use but it is actually making the barcode harder to use.

Maybe you can try reaching out to Dynamsoft to see if it works better for the new Glide Apps.

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Thanks for this. I have contacted him.

But I dont know why they are pushing people to 3rd party services instead of just fixing the barcode scanner.

  1. Fix the jumping around of the camera
  2. Stop it from entering empty values
  3. It should be an action where the scanned value can be used To check criteria. Is the scanned barcode on the system etc. So I guess a conditions tab on the actual scanner action.

Apart from that I didn’t find any problems with speed. The barcode scanner at this point feels like an after thought.

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