Is there anyway to SCAN QR CODE using Barcode scanner?

Hi, I am making an app where the cleaners can scan the room in a hotel to see the last time it was cleaned.

I have made a sheet with list of all rooms, along with their barcode number. Then made a separate glide sheet with a user-specific column for barcode scan button. I made a relationship of barcode column with room number sheets and then added a “SCAN BARCODE” button on home screen with added customized action of “VIEW DETAIL RELATION SCREEN” and I can see the details of that room.

The only problem is, my client needs a QR CODE :frowning: . How can I achieve that?

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The barcode scanner only scan linear barcodes.

I just realized that. Is there any other way to achieve that?

Not strictly within glide. You would probably have to use the image picker to upload an image of the barcode and integrate a third party process to read and return the result of that QR code. Or, you would have to use a third party scanning app that can update your tables.

I always prefer to add features that are within glide. The best solution for me is to convince my client to switch to BARCODES :frowning: , or convince the glide team to add QR CODE scanner option very soon :frowning:

@Hassan_Nadeem we don’t have plans to add QR Code scanning at the moment. However, Dynamsoft (Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK online store) has a QR Code scanner that can work with Glide. You are able to purchase plans directly through them. If you decide this is a good option please PM before hand so I can ensure you have the appropriate subscription and use case for it to work with Glide.

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