How to scan a QR code inside glide and go to the link that is inside of it?

Hello everyone. I’ve created a project in Glide which manages Check in for students in a dance school. There are 2 main tables, the students and the classes. Each student has is unique QR code who redirects to his own detail screen that I’ve made using the “construct URL” column type.
The thing is that I don’t want this URL to open by scanning the QR code by device’s camera, but from a feature inside the app in glide. I would like to have a scanner inside the glide app who sees the QR code and after it redirects me to the detail screen of that student inside the webapp (that I’ve previously added to my home screen). Does anyone know how to do achieve this?

Thank you guys in advance.

This requires (1.) a Business plan and (2.) a by-request plugin by Dynamsoft (contact Glide support)

@federica Dynamsoft has its own pricing that varies widely. It is not a standard $1k/year. For pricing please contact Dynamsoft directly. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Pricing - Dynamsoft

After obtaining pricing, what’s the next step?

Why do we need to contact Dynamsoft in this case?
I am using the scanner component in Glide without any Dynamsoft setup.

I have 2 use cases for scanning

  1. the user scans a code to search for an asset in the assets table. then the user can browse to the detail screen or perform certain actions on that asset

  2. I use the scanner component to allow the user to scan multiple assets and set update certain location data on every scan.

You don’t need to anymore. Glide has partnered with Dynamsoft to improve the built in scanner.

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager. Yes thats what I was trying to say. No need to do anything on Dynamsoft side.

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Thank you guys very much!