How to use a form with a buy button while also using 'favourites' feature

I want users to be able to add items to a list and then have a buy button appear once they select a ‘featured’ option. However, I also want to be able to utilise the ‘favourites’ feature.

At the moment I can either:

  • Utilise ‘favourites’ (using a tiles format) or
  • Have a ‘buy button’ (using details format with inline list)

but not both.

Are there any workaround so I can have both?


Yeah, for whatever reason you can’t work with favorites in an inline list. I’m not sure I completely understand your buy button issue. No you cannot add a buy button component on a list layout screen, but couldn’t you add a buy button within the details view of one of your list items?

Thanks again Jeff. Yes, that’s what I’ve done. I was hoping that users could create a listing and ‘buy’ a featured status when they first upload their image, rather than have to go back in and edit the details sheet.

Any other thoughts on monetizing a listing much are welcome :slight_smile:

OK, I think I misunderstood and maybe I still don’t understand. I thought you meant you wanted a buy button for a product, so users could purchase an item. Now I think you mean that you want user who are adding items to be able to purchase an upgrade to make their listing a featured listing. I’m not sure I fully understand how you want this integrated with favorites, but I suppose you can set visibility on the Favorite component when a listing is set as featured.

As for purchasing an upgrade to a featured listing, I think it would be best to let the user create the listing, then you create a buy button on the listing detail screen. Set visibility on the buy button to only show if the signed in user is the user that created the listing. Once they purchase an upgrade, you can use a VLOOKUP or some other formula in the sheet to set the Featured column to true if a matching record is found in the App:Sales sheet. This will allow the favorites components to show for that listing.