Limit who can add "new items" - in the works?

I would like to only let users with a specific user role to add new items, but that doesn’t seem to be possible?

My workaround for now is to limit the visibility for every single component in the “add new” and have one text component with an alert for users who are not allowed to edit something new.

This is not ideal, I am working with loads of components, adding new ones etc.

So I just wanted to quickly ask if that is in the pipleline of new updates?


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I use form buttons to add records instead of the built in add function. Then you can set visibility on the form button.


form button in detail screen
for yoyr list
you can use an inline list


He said add not edit

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I think you mean the edit tab, where that works just fine, yes. But I meant the “add new” tab…

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I just tried this. Looks good, but the inline list doesn’t offer the option to display favorited items, right?

It doesn’t, but you can build it yourself with a user specific column, a horizontal choice component and 2 inline lists.

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