How to track clicks

Hey there!

I am trying to find a way on how to track how much clicks I get on Phone action button and Email action button.

If I understand it correctly google analytics do not show me this. I use url shorteners to track the number of clicks on urls, but how can I do something similar with the Phone and Email actions?

I have found a workaround with new glide actions, just using increment +1 every time the buttons are clicked. But this will count ALL clicks, not only unique.

Will be really grateful for any ideas!


That can be done with the new :sparkles: Compound Actions :sparkles:.

Here’s what you gotta do. First, click the action dropdown and select ‘Create new action’. Next, you can make it so that after it’s done calling or sending an email, it’ll increment a column.

I suggest you get more familiarized with compound actions as they can come in very handy!!

Hey @Pablo_books!

Yes, I know about this variant, I described it in the first message. But the problem here is that I will not know unique clicks. This will calculate ALL the clicks. For example, if I have 10 clicks I will not be able to understand where these were 10 users clicked once or only one clicked 10 times😂

Ah, I understand now.

You could make it increment click count AND user-specific click count. If user-specific click count is 1, then do not show the button to email or call.

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Probably you can have a unique emails fields and a unique email helper to help with this case.

Unique email helper will be a template column that concatenates your unique email field with the currently signed in user.

The action should be if user’s signed in email is not included in unique emails, then set the column helper to the column unique emails, else you just increase the view count.

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I saw Robert share a video on this. Have your seen this?

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Thanks for sharing @darren—you beat me to the punch!

Thank you @Pablo_books, @darren, @Robert_Petitto and @ThinhDinh!

I think I will use the actions for this. The only problem that I’ve forgotten to tell in the initial message is that the app is public, so, unique counter will work only until a user close the app :grin:

But it’s still the best of possible options I suppose, thanks!


What tool do you use to track outbound link clicks? My understanding is GTM is not supported by Glide - would love to hear of workarounds, if any. Thanks!