Tally button clicks?

I want to make a tally for how many times certain buttons have been clicked on my profiles, I gather that I’ll need to make a custom action, but could someone lay out a few details for me of the steps I need to do and what kind of column I need to track the numbers?

Picture to show some of the buttons I want to track. Some are phone, email, IG, and book appt

In your Profile table you’ll need an associated numeric column for each button you want to tally. Then when you create a custom action on each button, you’ll need an increment action which will add to the appropriate numeric column.


What Jeff said, just be careful cuz it chews through your updates!


good to know! Hopefully i’ll have that many clicks!! :smile:

Is it the converts units one?

Just make a column for each button you want to track clicks for and use an increment action of +1 on the button connected to the related column


Yeah, it’s nothing complicated. Just create standard number columns. The increment action will take care of the rest.

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If you just want this for analytics, I suggest using Mixpanel integration and firing events–that will not use updates, and is optimized for understanding how people use your app.

Oops – I see you have a Classic App there, that cannot use integrations.


Oh, burned lol. Can we upgrade our apps yet? I heard not until end of year.

Thanks Jeff! I got it for a few of them, but a couple I can’t figure out.

Instagram and Facebook links don’t have the option for an action?

The website one, I tried to make a custom action but i must have done it wrong bc it’s not letting me save it?

Yeah, I don’t think you can do it with a link component since it doesn’t support actions. You would have to use a different component. Potentially a rich text component with some HTML to get a similar look and feel.

Your action does not appear to have a name. If you name it, are you able to save it?

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It’s more of a “when do we have a method to fully convert our Classic Apps to new Glide Apps” problem. We do have one now, by using “New App from data” on the team dashboard, but that doesn’t convert the front end components really well.

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Yes I’m totally waiting for, hopefully, the full conversion. By front end components, do you mean all the visibility conditions and design components won’t transfer?

Ahh got it now. I didn’t even see that you were supposed to name the action!

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OK sorry i ran into a couple challenges! :upside_down_face:

First, is that the ‘email click’ isn’t registering and I’m not sure why:

Second is that since adding the incrememnts, every time one of those buttons is clicked, this notice comes up which is a little jarring.

This notice comes up on my phone - not from the editor - I definitely was not editing anything, just clicking the buttons. And when i removed the increment count it went away.

Does your desktop have an email client installed? It might not know what to do. It’s nothing more than an html mailto link. Most users don’t use installed email applications anymore on a desktop, so it’s usually only useful on a mobile device which has an email app installed.

This might be a case to build a separate screen to write an email, and then use a send email action, or some sort of third party service to send an email.

I just tried in my app and I got the same message. I don’t have any additional actions, so I don’t think that would be the cause. Looks like a message issued by the browser instead of the app. Maybe something changed in a recent browser update. I’m guessing it’s a warning since it’s taking you away from the app to send an email. Sorry, I’m not sure how to avoid that.


Yeah, because the new Glide Apps has a completely different structure than the old one, most of those won’t be transferred over, I’m afraid.