Google Analytics recording phone calls

I need to prove phone calls. If we were able to show someone the phone calls generated, it’s proof that the apps work to benefit a customer and makes the tool valuable to those receiving calls. I asked about this in April and Glide has come a long way since then with reporting, but the sizzle is in “Hey, my tool generated X number of phone calls for you”.

I did the same thing in the medical industry using website events in Google Analytics and proved how valuable the sites were and how well they were performing. Once I was able to quantify the number of calls each month, budget dollars were freed.

Where are we on these capabilities? I own several domains I would like to spin up Glideapps on but I need to use the number of phone calls as a value proposition.

Dave Lalande

Probably not tracking if the actual phone call took place, but you could use compound actions on a button to increment value or set a value for the first action, then use the Dial Phone Number action as the second action. That way, whenever a button is clicked to dial a number, it will also increment a count of times it was clicked.


Also there is a page on google analytics within the documentation.

The glide team releases a new YouTube video recently showcasing a analytics app which is pretty neat

Hope that helps in some way and you manage to get those “budget dollars freed”


This is a task of writing data in an event form to Google Analytics, not reading.

I used a Javascript method before to create an event, but it was a website using HTML.

Sample Code: href=“tel:5555555555” onclick=“window._gaq && _gaq.push([’_trackEvent’, ‘MobileLinks’, ‘Phone’, ‘Important Phone Numbers - Billing ’ + new Date().toLocaleDateString()+’ '+ new Date().toLocaleTimeString()]);” title=“Click-to-Call Billing”>Billing: 555-555-5555

This would write an event to Google Analytics, labeling the event properly so we knew what page and where on the page the user clicked. The event was “MobileLinks” named “Phone” coming from the “Important Phone Numbers Page”, the “Billing” link. It recorded the date and time of the event in GA and we could query this data like any other event. It was a very effective method of proving users are clicking on phone numbers to dial them. We considered this a conversion.

I have an immediate need to have these capabilities in Glide to make a case for an ROI.

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I need this and more too, until I don’t know for sure how I can track analytics in glide a relatively easy method to implement analytics is the one that Jeff said:

where you might create different columns for different buttons and increment that value by one everytime that button is clicked, saving also other kind of data like the date and the time of the click


Hey Jeff, just wondering if it’s possible to take it a step further, and make it so these button clicks are able to be filtered by date range (i.e. 12 clicks last week, 48 clicks last month, etc)? This way the user can track click history/progress. Is this possible?

I suppose if you are willing create an action to write a new row with some information related to the button, along with with a date-timestamp each time it’s clicked. Then run some counts on the number of rows within a certain timeframe. Would eat through rows very quickly.

Ah, I see. That definitely seems like it would eat up the rows very quickly. Do you think this can be accomplished better/more efficiently through the use of Google Analytics?

Thank you for your response!

I’m not very familiar with Google Analytics.