Link tracking using Construct URL

Hey, I have in my app a URL column and a button linking to it, I am looking for a way to track clicks on this link using maybe a Construct URL and a third party tool to prefix the link. For example, turn “” to “” which “” will be the service logging the click with current user parameters and then redirect to original link ( Any ideas for third party service that do that dynamically? Guess maybe Google Analytics somehow, but I’m not sure.

I’m using a Zap to convert a url into a Rebrandly link, which then is added back to a URL column in my Google sheet. This however is used so I can then track clicks that occur outside of my app, not inside.

To track clicks internally you can use a custom action on the button that Increments a # of clicks column + opens external link. That way every time the button is clicked, the # increases by 1.

@Robert_Petitto provided a solution to only track unique clicks somewhere on the forum.


Have three columns for this, a “Global clicks” column, a “Unique clicks” column and a “User click” user-specific column.

If user click is empty or user click equals 0, increment all 3 columns by 1.

If user click equals 1, increment just Global clicks and Unique clicks.