How to make glide not count my clicks and interactions?

Is there a way to make glide not count my own clicks? I have created a button click count using the “increment number” action

But when browsing the product, since I have to validate, verify what I’m building, these indicators increase every time there is a click.

Is there a way to use my IP so that Glide doesn’t take it into account every time I click?

Thank you.

make a condition when the user email is your email, do not increment

Hi Uzo.

And how could I do it if my app is public?


Hi, shinken! You should use user specific column to enter code which indicate that current user is you. Then use if then colum to decide whether to increment if user specific column equal code.

you can sign in to your up and still have the App public… if you wanna recognize yourself without signing in, you can use the method… or check the Navigator status and compare it to your browser settings.

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