Can I turn off auto update?

I’m using glide to build a very simple app, that is not based on lists.

I need to implement behaviour based on following logic:

  • Content is displayed to user based on the value of a single cell containing a number
  • When user clicks a button, that number is incremented and content is changed
  • If multiple users are using the app at the same time, user should only see a chnage if they click the button. It shouldn’t update if another user causes the number to increment

Is this possible?

Hi @Slaaavo

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You can achieve this with User specific function and Increment Function.

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Thanks, that’s an interesting feature. However, I see that the User specific column does not translate to the Google sheet. That doesn’t work for me, because plenty of other cells that I want to show change value based on that one counter cell.

I see two options now:

  1. recreate the google sheet in glide, so that I could use that user specific column for formulas. Is that possible?
  2. Create a new user specific column for every value that would get calculated based on the counter and set it equal to value from the general cell (e.g. I have a cell containing Day of week, which is recalculated in the sheet everytime a counter incements. Then, after click of a button, I would take that value, put it in a user specific column and show that to user) Is that possible?

Can you share screenshots of how you’re setting up the data, specifically this part?

This is the screen that I’d like to not to update for user being on it. As you can see, the cells have some logic in them based on other values.

Can you confirm you want some navigation like what I do here with the 2 buttons?

You can see the app here
First page is just basic info with one dynamic number. After clicking the button, user gets to new page and value increments for next user, but it also updates for current user (and it shouldn’t).