Increment Action only occurs for one user


I created a user-specific increment column, but i noticed that even if i test with a different user, incrementation occurs only in the first line.

Did someone ever faced this problem ?

Thank you

Because you are letting users interact with the first line only. What do you expect the outcome to look like, and can you describe more about your use case here?

Hi @ThinhDinh

How can I change that ?

I’m using the incrementation for a tab visibility feature. When a user tap the increment button it is supposed to automatically hide the tab he’s in and open other tabs.

Thank you for always being helpful!

I suppose this is a user profile tab right?

In your Glide tab, filter the tab by email is signed in user and try again to see if it works like what you want.

Otherwise I need to see more screenshots of your app settings.

How can I make each user interact with only his line ?

I don’t really understand why the changes happens only for the first line…

@Lucas_Pires did you face this kind of problem when using the increment action as user-specific ?

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Have you tried put the second email in the “Preview as” and make a test?

Yes! also used different devices and email to log in to the app and it’s always the same. Only the first line is affected.

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Mm… got it!

That’s why the screen your testing out you need to go in Feature > Filter and change to Email is signed-in user


It worked! Thank you so much @Lucas_Pires ! :dizzy: :dizzy:

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Glad to hear it :relaxed:

Yea that’s why I told Younes this.

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Yeah lol

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