How to sign up with other users

Hi I have problem about sign in
we like to share our glidepage to others.
but they can’t sign in.also we have only one select option (only AAAA)
if someone know how to solve this problem please help me. thank you

Which plan are you on?

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it free we need to upgrade?
if we need to upgrade which plan do we have to pay
thank you

Actually, you should get up to 3 private and 100 public users on the free plan.

I suspect that your App might be under the old per-App pricing.

Here is what I suggest:

  • create a new team. This will automatically put you on the new pricing
  • transfer your existing app to your new team
  • once you’ve done that, your privacy options should look like the below:

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thank you so much.
i solved the problem by your advice

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