How to play video inside video "box" on screen (not full screen) (classic app)

When someone clicks play on a video it pops out to occupy the full screen. I would like it to play by default in the video “box” on the screen as it is part of a lesson containing material both above and below it and it is more convenient for students to watch it in the screen “box”. Is this possible?



On what device and browser are you observing that behavior?

On my iphone. I have attached a screenshot of how the screen with video area looks before someone clicks to play the video & how it appears when someone is watching it. Previously this has not been an issue but with the current course there are a lot of items on the page and it is frustrating for people to keep jumping backwards and forwards. I would like it to play within the rectangle on the screen so that people can continue to see the other items on the page.




[data-test="app-video-player"] {
margin:auto !important;
width: 650px !important;
height: 365px !important;

[data-test="app-video-player"] :nth-child(1) {
border-radius: 10px !important;

Is that video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Glide or somewhere else?

I uploaded it to glide.

That’s weird. Here’s a video I uploaded to a Classic App and it plays well on Chrome - MacOS without ever automatically opening the full screen.

Does it happen on a specific device like iPhone/iPad etc (I notice the second screenshot looks like a desktop/tablet screenshot).