How to pass on complex SKU to Product ID buy button?


I made a public app with a list of products with various options to choose from. For instance a type of pizza and then some extra toppings to choose from. The pizza itself has an SKU and the extra toppings have also SKU.

All the selections made by the client are recorded using user specific columns. I am combining SKU values using a template column that i would like to use as the Product ID in the buy button but glide does not allow me to do so…

Please help, is there anyone who found a solution to this kind of issue?



I had a need to pass an ID to my SKU. So I created a column in my google sheet. It is an array formula that picks up and joins two columns. AX is column with SKU and A2 is a unique Row ID.

=ARRAYFORMULA(if(AX2:AX <> “”, AX2:AX & “~~~” & A2:A, “”))

In addition, see this post if it is helpful.

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I think Name, ID and Price do not work with templates or possibly user specific columns. I would try to incorporate all that information into the description as that appears to be more open to template columns.

Hi Jeff…you’re right. Name doesn’t accept Template columns for whatever reason (@mark—your input here?). But the description also doesn’t write to sheet—only the cart before entering CC info. Alternatives?